Big Firm Expertise Delivered With Bespoke Attention


Big Firm Expertise Delivered With Bespoke Attention

Equation was first founded some 10 years ago by two partners of one of Cyprus’ biggest fiduciary services firms. Following decades of professional experience in the industry, the two owners of the company – Rutger Kriek and Annie Nearchou – decided to branch out on their own. They had identified a need in the market for a firm that follows the unique Equation philosophy. And with the goal of filling that gap, offering businesses a truly bespoke, client-centric package, Equation Corporate Services was born.

Indeed, the Equation philosophy and unique approach is what distinguishes us on the local market in Cyprus. We stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons. First of all, we are committed to building genuine and long-lasting relationship with each and every one of our clients. At Equation, we don’t see our customers as numbers, nor as ATM machines. Instead, we put their best interests first, building trust, always with a deep sense of professionalism, diligence, independence, transparency and a value-added approach.

And over the ten years that our bespoke corporate services firm has been in existence, this approach has worked very well. We have seen consistent healthy growth and have developed into a serious player on Cyprus’ financial services scene.  

The Unique Equation Approach to Bespoke Corporate Services in Cyprus

Equation is a boutique firm, and we are proud of our bespoke approach. Through this intimate way of conducting our business, we have been able to put quality and people first. In addition to being offered customised services, our clients also benefit from our accessibility, responsiveness and personal touch. While all Equation employees have extensive big firm expertise, we combine this with the more friendly and personal approach and accessibility of a boutique firm.

We are also committed to creating and maintaining a positive and friendly working environment for our employees. This environment makes our people excel and results in a minimal staff turnover, which in turn benefits our clients. 

Our high rate of word-of-mouth client introductions is proof that our clients are happy and satisfied with our corporate services. Many of our loyal customers recommend us and introduce us to new clients. Client satisfaction is our top priority, and this is further strengthened by the fact that our owners are actively involved in the day-to-day management of the firm and client service. 

Our diverse client portfolio varies from individual business owners to high net worth individuals, large private equity funds, pensioners and multinational businesses. Most of these clients originate from Western Europe, Scandinavia and the US, or have been referred by clients from these regions.  

Although the Equation team was raised in big firms, we have found a way to improve on the services offered. However, our employees do benefit from the extensive experience that we have collectively gathered through our time at these internationally renowned financial institutions. 

Equation’s Key Principles For Communication & Client Service

At Equation, we want our clients to know that their corporate services provider is always on hand and available to them. Thus, we always reply to any client communication on the same day or within 24 hours.

Of course, we cannot always supply requested services immediately as for certain services we are dependent on the speed of action of external parties such as banks and government authorities. However, in the case we cannot deliver the requested service immediately, we give our clients a reasonable timeframe for delivery and always meet our deadlines.

Any missed calls from clients – whether through skype, landline, mobile phone etc. – will always be returned within 24 hours. For follow up, the same principles as described above apply and are adhered to.

Equation’s two owners are actively involved in the company's day to day management. We are fully independent and do not belong to a global network of fiduciary services, auditors, lawyers or other professional services firms. Thus, we do not compete with potential introducers of clients in any country outside Cyprus.